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Sell Used Cisco-Benefits

Every business owner constantly seeks out new ways to save money. Luckily, there is a way where almost any company can save significantly on an essential purchase and not compromise at all on quality or service.Checkout sell used cisco routers for more info.

Eventually, most businesses that run an internal network will want to buy Cisco network hardware. The reason will be either to replace outdated networking equipment, to improve networking performance, or to expand the network because of business growth. When this time comes, a business owner should seriously consider buying used Cisco hardware instead of buying brand new equipment.

There are three main reasons why buying used is a smart decision for any business:

  1. Cost savings – Of course, it is obvious that refurbished Cisco equipment is going to be much cheaper than buying a brand new router or switch right off the assembly line. But the savings to an I.T. department can be considerable without sacrificing anything with regards to quality and reliability. At the extreme, a company can save as much as 90% off of the original retail price for certain Cisco models. If the equipment performs well and the performance is satisfactory, such lower-priced models of routers, switches or memory can be a financial lifesaver. The savings can be so considerable that it may make sense to by replacement equipment to have on hand as insurance; when a network goes down, every minute of downtime can cost money.
  2. Reliability – Most reputable used Cisco vendors perform refurbishment that restores the Cisco equipment to like new condition. In addition, the networking hardware is thoroughly tested, plus the entire process is backed by a quality-assurance system that is certified by a third party. A dealer that has an ISO-certified quality management process will help to ensure that the equipment you get will perform at its best and last a long time.
  3. Service – The best used Cisco dealers offer unbeatable service; usually better than you can receive from most new equipment dealers. The equipment they sell should have an excellent warranty. And if anything should go wrong, they should be easy to reach and be sending out replacement equipment immediately. Also, top vendors should offer a next business day replacement program that will provide new equipment before the old equipment needs to be sent back. Speed is of the essence!

Lastly… an important point. If you are considering buying used Cisco network hardware, you should be looking at reputable vendors. Often there are unscrupulous dealers who will sell you inferior or even counterfeit equipment. Be certain that the company you are dealing with offers top-quality Cisco networking equipment, that it has been in business for a long time, that it has testimonials and references you can check, and that it backs up the equipment with a bona fide warranty.

The bottom line is that purchasing used Cisco equipment can be one of the best business decisions you make this year. You can improve communications and the exchange of valuable information within your company, at a cost much lower than you would expect.